Valorant – 1.0 : balancing and official release of the game

Valorant – 1.0 : balancing and official release of the game

Valorant is officially available this June 2, and numerous balances for all agents accompany it. Find the patch 1.0 and all its content: the buffs and nerves of agents, but also the changes which concern the maps, the competitive mode or the graphic performances.

That’s it, it’s time! Valorant finally comes out of its closed beta and will be accessible to everyone from June 2, 2020. If the developers have learned many lessons from this beta phase, they have also worked hard to bring modifications they consider necessary to balance the game as soon as it is released. Here’s everything you need to know about patch 1.0 of the Riot Games FPS.

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Agent Updates


  • Healing Orb Cooldown increased: 35 >>> 45 sec
    • We are satisfied with the amount of HP returned by a Sage heal, but we found that she could use it too often during a round.
  • HP of reduced barrier Orb segments: 1000 >>> 800
  • Reduced barrier orb duration: 40 >>> 30 sec
  • Allied barrier Orb walls are now displayed on the minimap.
    • Previous modifications to the Sage Barrier Orb made it easier to counter during the first rounds and pistol rounds, but it still has too much impact regardless of the round. We hope that the wall will remain a powerful timing tool, but that it will force you to choose the right time to use it.


  • Max damage radius of reduced explosive pack: 2 >>> 1 meter
    • The Explosive Pack has been very powerful, especially when throwing two in a row. By reducing the internal radius of maximum damage, we hope to reduce the average damage done by this skill while preserving its power.


  • Duration of the reverse smoke smoke increased: 4 >>> 7 sec
    • We believe Jett is irreplaceable when it comes to avoiding shootings. But his ability to work in a team is somewhat limited. This should give her and her team a little more time to exploit their smoke bombs.
  • Tailwind automatically breaks Cypher’s Trigger Wire after it briefly reveals Jett.
    • Tailwind should be powerful enough to free Jett from any bond. This should make her more free to play aggressively and riskily to give her team room to maneuver.


  • Burn time increased: 6 >>> 8 sec
    • We found that the short duration of the wall coupled with the long cast time and the short range forced Phoenix to play too predictably around its wall. We are slightly increasing its duration to give it a little more time to use it.
  • Brazier damage: 15 every 0.25 sec >>> 1 every 0.033 sec
  • Brazier care: 3 every 0.25 sec >>> 1 every 0.16 sec
    • We update the damage / heal over time values to match the changes in other duration effect skills. In addition, we match the damage and healing values to half the Burning Hands values, so that the total healing of each skill is equivalent (50 VP each). We are also making these changes so that Brasier does not become the default healing skill at the expense of Burning Hands.
  • Burning Hands Care: 3 every 0.25 sec >>> 1 every 0.08 sec
    • The long-term healing model has been updated to reflect changes in the other long-term effect skills.
  • Max glare time of Curved ball increased: 0.8 >>> 1.1 sec
    • The duration of glare should be short, given the speed at which Phoenix can send its curved ball at a badly positioned enemy. Despite this, it was still a bit too short, especially with the new cost of 200 credits.
  • Revenge automatically reloads all weapons upon respawn.
    • It is closer to an improvement in quality of life. The Phoenix Ultimate often pushes him to empty his magazine just before being brought back to his position. It was very frustrating for a Phoenix player to wait several seconds before reappearing and having to spend an extra second to recharge in a potentially dangerous situation. We believe that the reappearance time of several seconds justifies automatic reloading.


  • Paranoia must now equip itself instead of launching automatically, and impact detection has been improved, especially at close range.
    • The way Paranoia works has been changed to encourage proactive rather than reactive use, as was the case before. Enemies will be warned when the projectile is launched rather than when they are in its direct path. This should allow you to hit enemies more regularly.
  • Dark veil: Omen now enters a “phase shifted” world in which he can see through the walls to place his smoke bombs. Pressing RECHARGE switches from phase-shifted mode to normal targeting mode.
    • We wanted to provide Omen with a more precise way to place their smoke bombs, especially vertically. We have added a way to revert to the old view mode to allow players to use fast smoke at close range that many of them are now able to control.
  • The Dark Veil controls have been updated so that Omen can increase the distance of the smoke from the MAIN SHOT, reduce the distance from the SECONDARY SHOT, and launch the smoke with the SKILL KEY.
    • It’s going to be a difficult change for the regulars of Omen to handle, but in the long run (and for new players), we think it’s more intuitive to control the distance with one hand on the mouse by default.
  • Path of Shadows: Omen can now see the location of his teleportation on the map, and the location he targets is indicated in the game if his vision of the targeted location is obstructed.
    • We want to help Omen understand where he teleports, especially when he teleports out of his smoke.
  • From the shadows: Omen can now cancel his teleportation when he is in the shape of a shadow by pressing the COMPETENCY BUTTON again. However, he loses all of his ultimate points if he cancels it.
    • We want Omen to take action and spread fear among his enemies with his ultimate. Previously, the use of the ultimate could result in certain death if Omen was spotted, and this made the skill extremely situational. By allowing Omen to cancel his ultimate if he is in danger in exchange for his ultimate points, we hope to offer him more possibilities while forcing him to choose the best possible teleportation location.

Sound display (sound attenuation)

  • We have added some sounds produced by agents to the list of sounds showing the distance at which they can be heard on the minimap (via a white circle). This includes, among other things, the sounds of skill, reload and interaction with the spike.
  • Why ? We wanted to give players the ability to understand under what circumstances and how far the sounds they produce can be heard.

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