Deathmatch coming soon on Valorant ?

Deathmatch coming soon on Valorant ?

As the closed beta of Valorant is in full swing, Riot Games begins to prepare for the official release of the game. Ranked mode has also been added and new servers are appearing in three new regions, a new game mode appears to have been discovered.
Deathmatch mode soon available on Valorant?

Well actually browsing the game files on May 3, the Twitter account @ValorantLeaked would have spotted a line of code that seems to announce a new game mode.

This line of code includes both “TDM” and “Team Deathmatch”, which confirms that a team deathmatch game mode is in development.

Rather than relying on round games to learn various skills and master recoil, the team death match should provide a more relaxed experience for players.

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Questionable information or reality ?

Well all this seems very real rest assured!

When asked about it during a Twitch stream the same day, Valorant developer Salvatore ‘Volcano’ Garozzo confirmed this new mode.

  • So is there a new game mode planned?
  • “The team is interested in having a warm-up / death match style to warm up, practice, get used to the mechanics of the weapons,” he said.
  • When will this game mode be available?

“I don’t know when it will be available,” he added. “Probably not for the official launch, I don’t know. This is something the team is studying.”

Anyway, this game mode which has been in high demand by players since the beta release is well under development and should be added to the game in the future.

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