The ranking system on Valorant – Valorant Esport

The ranking system on Valorant – Valorant Esport

To begin with, what will be the format of this competitive mode?

Regarding the matches, they will have the same shape as a normal non-class match, with higher stakes. This classification system is still his goal, but Riot wants us to test it in order to receive feedback and to be able to add and improve the classification system, it is for this reason that this class mode risk suddenly disappearing several times during the battle, so that Riot can change some things and improve their system.

Good news ! Your personal level will also be taken into account when you play in the class, at least at the start of the classified games. It often happens that you lose when you had a very good level during the game (which could have been better otherwise you would not have lost, questioning yourself is always beneficial!), Riot therefore thinks about making sure that your personal talent is taken into account when assigning your rank. This option will allow you to play more often with players of your level.

Before presenting the rows, here are some additional details:

  • Complete 20 games in Unclassified mode to unlock the Competition mode.
  • 8 rows, 3 levels each, except for the best row, VALORANT.
  • Form groups of 5 players max (2 rows of max cart between players).
  • Your rank is no longer displayed if you do not play in Competition mode for 14 days, but it does not decrease behind the scenes.
  • Your rank will be reset when the game starts.


Did you know these ranks by other names? These old names were not officialized by Riot Games. Here are the old ranks and the new ones: Mercenary, Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Myth, Immortal, Valorant transformed into something more classic: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and finally Valorant. There are therefore eight rows, each divided into three tiers.

Winning games is most important for climbing the rankings, but if you play extremely well, your rank will progress faster. Losing games and not living up to the expectations of the system (determined by your previous games) will lower you into the ranking.

As we explained a little above, your personal talent will be important, however the more you make a match, the less your personal skills will be important unlike wins / losses which will have a much stronger impact on your rank on the wire time.

Competition mode also examines how overwhelming your wins or losses are, you do your best each game.

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Valorant matchmaking is designed so that there is the least irregularity during games, so that players can play with other people of the same level.

The fact that your personal talent is taken into account avoids smurfs and rank boosting, your true level will be quickly valued and you will play against people with the same rank as you, and who will have deserved it.

You can obviously play in a group of five with your friends, but the players in your group must be ranked 2 rows (6 levels) maximum from you, no player must be strictly superior / inferior to you. The level cart between the parties will therefore be minimal. Regarding the size of your group, the matchmaking is done so that you fall against people with the same number of players in your group as in theirs, because we know that it is easier to play with friends than to play with strangers.

Inactivity will also be taken into account. If you haven’t played a game in Competition mode for 14 days, your account will be considered inactive and your rank will be hidden, but you can get it back after a single game. Your rank will not be reduced during your period of inactivity.

During the closed season, but also after the launch of the game, it will be from the VALORANT community that we will depend on the way in which we will evolve the Competition mode and the ranking system. We are currently working on the addition of a persistent progression element which would test your achievements in addition to the display of your rank.

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