Agent overview – Omen

Agent overview – Omen

Under his obscure hood and his metallic voice, we thus find Omen hunter of the dark.

Blinding his enemies, carrying himself from one end of the battlefield to the other and letting fear spread among his adversaries who wonder who will be his next victim.

Let us quickly recall what are Omen’s skills:

Dark Cover: Equip yourself with a shadow walking skill accompanied by a range indicator. To begin, pull a short pipe before you carry it to the chosen location.

Paranou00efa: Project a veil of shadow that reduces the vision of your enemies for a few seconds. This projectile crosses the walls.

Shadow Walk (free): Launch a dark sphere to obstruct the opposing lines. This projectile also crosses the walls and its distance is adjustable.

From the Shadows (ultimate): Via a tactical map, go to a chosen location. During your transport, you appear in the form of a shadow and a noticeable sound is heard by all the players in the game. Enemies can destroy this shadow to cancel your transport.

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This character is clearly distinguished, and will no doubt have an importance in the games since his abilities are support oriented but also as a laper at the end of the map. Complete in short, its carrying capacity as well as its ultimate can completely surprise as much an attack as an enemy defense.

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