Esports at the heart of the game

Esports at the heart of the game

(Worlds League of Legends)

But today with the arrival of the newcomer to the company: Valorant, a new FPS with gameplay close to another phenomenon of the Counter-Strike genre, the e-sports scene could soon be upset.

Riot has designed his game around the team spirit:

If you are a connoisseur of competitive FPS, it did not take you long to understand the competitive depth of the game. Indeed Riot has found an almost perfect recipe to rekindle the flame of competitive players from other games of the same genre:

  • First of all, the game has set up an anti-cheat that wants to be efficient, fast and evolving.
  • The developers have opened servers in 128 tickrate for better accuracy of the shots.
  • The game is not based on its graphic beauty, but on its in-game optimization in order to have a better experience.
  • And many other elements like the shopping menu, the skills of the characters who complement each other

In short, everything was designed so that the game quickly made its way to the breasts of the behemoths that are Overwatch, Counter Strike or even Rainbow Six in terms of Fps.

Flip a coin at :

Back on the first e-sport event of the game:

With Twitch Rivals, a first online competition made up of influencers, we were able to discover the game in a different way with experienced Fps players in Try hard games throughout the evenings of April 3 and 7, 2020. The communication, the teamplay was all there to inspire some reticent try-harder.

From the pool of the European hen: our French, the Gotaga team, Mickalow, Jbzz, Pmleek and Azox360 won the victory ranking first.

The growing interest of structures and players:

At the first announcements of the game in January 2020, professional players already saw themselves at the top of the future scene of Project A (first name of the game during its development) creating controversies.

A first Rainbow Six cador was faced with criticism after proclaiming himself to be Valorant by simple hype of the game. Having not signed any structural agreement for the moment, he launches out today alone in the closed beta of the game after having obtained a key via streams.

Braxton swag Pierce, former player at Cloud 9 in 2016 on Counter-Strike, he will not be able to find a place at the highest level. After accusations of rigging in the year and a ban on Valve tournaments, he will drop out of the game on February 28, 2020 to devote himself to Project A.

A week and a half later he will announce his arrival at STK T1, a Korean structure renowned on League of legends, in particular:

Also following the opening of the closed beta on April 7, we could already see a first transfer to Ninjas in Pajamas of a professional Paladins team on Valorant announcing that positive for the further development of the scene:

In addition, G2 Esport also shows their interest in the game since they have posted on their YouTube chau00eene, a video gameplay of Kenny s, Jackz, or Nexa of their Csgo line-up testing the game. They also launch small peaks at other structures via subliminal message not to put the cart before the horse:

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