Former CS: GO player Brax joins T1 as content creator for Valorant – Millenium

Former CS: GO player Brax joins T1 as content creator for Valorant – Millenium

Braxton Brax Pierce is one of the best known players on the competitive scene in CS: GO. The veteran with more than 22,000 hours dedicated to the Valve shooter now signs under the ranks of the Korean organization T1 to be content creator of Valorant, the Riot Games FPS that will be released in the summer of 2020 and, possibly, have a beta very soon.

Admittedly, there is still plenty of time for Valorant to hit the market and, during all that time it is not active, CS: GO will keep going with its competitions while maintaining a high active pace of active users and competitions.

However, many clubs are aware that the impact that Valorant will have on esports will be significant. So they have started planning their board to have the best professionals covering and playing Valorant from day one to launch.

The prodigy has joined the server.

T1 is excited to welcome @ brax1wnl to the team as a creator and professional for Valorant, CS: GO and FPS titles! # T1WIN # T1Fighting

T1 (@ T1) March 10, 2020

But, in addition, Brax, as specified by T1, will also be content creator of all kinds of shooters. So, for now, let’s not rule out 100% that it will not return to CS: GO at some point as additional content to its base, Valorant.

Although it will be extra, since Brax withdrew from CS: GO on February 28, intending to assemble the best professional team possible for Valorant before its release: I am eager to bring my knowledge and understanding of CS to VALORANT since we both seek to build the best team in the world. I couldn’t be more sure that we will achieve great things, he said.

Brax, formerly known as Swag, has been unable to compete in face-to-face CS: GO events since 2015, as both he and his iBUYPOWER teammates were found guilty of loving matches. Hopefully, with Valorant, Brax can have a healthy and long-lived professional life beyond just being a content creator.

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