Valorant Rumors and presentation of agents stories

Valorant Rumors and presentation of agents  stories

Riot Games recently unveiled the faon whose story of Valorant will be told and more accurately shown through the game. They also addressed the circulating rumors that Valorant would include skins related to their hit game League of Legends.

Regarding the stories of the agents, some expected stories dependent on League of Legends. Nevertheless, the creative director of Riot Games, David Nottingham assured that they would be completely independent of the MOBA of the same developer; the other difference with this one is the faon of which the stories of the characters will be presented. In League of Legends, Riot Games has accustomed us to read them completely and directly on the official site of the game, while on Valorant, their future competitive FPS, these will be more shown than told, and this via interactions between agents and between players.

There is a story, a world, we have thought about it a lot and widened a wider world, said the creative director of Riot Games, who also said with confidence that the game already has stories sufficiently developed to be presented before the exit from Valorant.

All of this information comes from a Valorant youtuber and Dutch IGN Benelux journalist Qwixzo who in one of his videos shows us Nottingham’s responses during his interview with the youtuber in question. You can find the video in question here!

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To remain in this continuity, this same person would have been at the origin of certain rumors concerning the skins of Valorant.

In this Reddit post by Qwixzo, he explains that his sidekick Sven, with whom he makes his chau00eene live, would have heard rumors in the offices of Riot Games about potential Valorant skins related to the mascot of the URF game mode from League of Legends and would have made it explicit in a video. He further states that he would have been contacted by Riot Games to correct his error by adding that there would be absolutely no link between the skins of the two games, again, no link.

He ends with this comment quoting one of Riot’s employees showing once again that Valorant and League of Legends will be totally different: Valorant has no connection with League of Legends at the moment, and there are no projects future involving the integration of third parties from League of Legends.

Cosmetics still represent a black area in the minds of the community. Although weapon skins are a form of cosmetic cosmetics, what can other types of cosmetics be?

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