Valorant Twitch Rivals on VALORANT and drop access for the closed game beta

Valorant Twitch Rivals on VALORANT and drop access for the closed game beta

Riot Games and Twitch organize Friday 3 and Tuesday April 7 two evenings Twitch Rivals dedicated to VALORANT to celebrate the release of the closed beta of the game.

Previously announced on Twitter, the Twitch streaming platform has chosen to partner with Riot Games for the distribution of beta keys for VALORANT.

The streaming platform has also revealed all the information regarding the next two events to be organized on Twitch, the Twitch Rivals VALORANT Showcase and the Twitch Rivals VALORANT Showdown.

What is the Twitch Rivals VALORANT Showcase?

The Twitch Rivals VALORANT Showcase is a broadcast of a pre-recorded event last weekend where only participants invited by Riot Games were able to play VALORANT.

What is the Twitch Rivals VALORANT Showdown?

The partners of this event will play several matches live on a new card in order to familiarize themselves with these mechanics followed by a complete series of three cards. All matches (warm-up * and BO3 *) will be played using the custom Match system.

BO3: Best Of 3

Warm-up: Players will compete against teams that are not part of their BO3 series. Each team will play two games on the new card, followed by their best series of 3.

This Twitch Rivals will present 5v5 matches of the different content creators who were able to try VALORANT and record their gameplays. This Friday April 3, some Twitch streamers will replay their aspect of the match in real time and all together. Some Twitch players will be eligible for Drops tonight so remember to link your Twitch account with your Riot Games account to try to gain unprecedented access to the closed beta starting April 7.

Look for messages that say Drops Enabled or Drops are enabled! Continue to look under the different chains to make sure they are compatible with Twitch Drops.

This event will obviously be broadcast on the official Twitch Rivals channel during this competition streamer VS streamer.

Calendar of results for the evening of April 3 at 7:00 p.m.

Event calendar scheduled for April 7.

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