Valorant Presentation of Cypher, the Moroccan agent

Valorant Presentation of Cypher, the Moroccan agent

A style of play very different from the other agents presented so far, it is possible to play secretly just like daring on enemies.

With a revealing token, you will not be at the end of your surprises, because with Cypher around, your position will be revealed to the naked eye of all opponents! Camera, detector wire and magic hat you will have every reason to believe that it is a cheater.

Trapwire: Small trap to apply a laser between two walls. If a player passes over this laser, its position will be revealed and it will be slightly slowed down.

Toss a coin, but not for your witcher here :

Cyber ​​Cage: Places a trap on the ground that traps a player.

Spycam (free): Can place a camera anywhere on the map, allowing to monitor a certain location. If Cypher does not use this camera, it will be invisible to other players and it can mark an opponent with a dart.

Neural Theft (ultimate): By sending his hat to a victim, all opponents on the map will be marked for a short time.

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