VALORANT: Only five of the ten Agents will be unlocked upon exit

VALORANT: Only five of the ten Agents will be unlocked upon exit

The more the days pass, the more VALORANT is revealed. We learn that around ten characters, called Agents, should be available at launch, but not all of them will be playable.

New details emerge from time to time about Riot Game’s FPS, VALORANT. If we recently learned that the studio was not against launching other game modes after the release of the title, Riot more recently indicated that a dozen characters will be available when it is launched, and that only five would be playable.

Indeed, during an interview between Anna Donlon, the executive producer of VALORANT and IGN, she said that five Agents would be free for players, while five others, or more will be unlocked. However, do not panic, there is no question of paying to be able to get hold of the remaining Agents, Riot ensuring that they unlock by playing. However, those purchasing the combat pass should normally have faster access.

Anna Donlon promises that the money that players will inject into the title will not be used to give them an advantage in gameplay. This must be seen as an investment in order to recover only cosmetic items, like what was set up by Epic Games for Fortnite or Electronic Arts for Apex Legends.

As for Agents, we know for the moment eight, the list of these as well as their different capacities is to be found in this article. New ones should be unveiled before the launch of VALORANT.

As a reminder, VALORANT has no release date yet, but is planned for this summer only on PC. You can, in the meantime, find a preview of the gameplay that the FPS will offer below.

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