Riot Games cancels Valorant event due to Coronavirus

Riot Games cancels Valorant event due to Coronavirus

Influencers were to make the trip to Los Angeles and Barcelona to discover Valorant, but because of the Coronavirus, Riot Games decides to cancel everything.

Valorant event canceled, but beta should start within three weeks.

After several months of waiting, speculation, rumors and leaks since the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, Riot Games yesterday announced its new project which should normally see the light of day this summer: Valorant. A handful of select few had been invited by Riot Games last January to test the first-person shooter. Influencers and a few professional players from various backgrounds have been able to get a first glimpse of the game and, for the moment, the majority of the reviews that have been made on the various social networks are quite positive.

In order to introduce Valorant to more people, Riot Games had scheduled two similar gatherings for the month of March – a first at the headquarters in Los Angeles and a second in Barcelona – and had invited influencers, streamers and other professional players who didn’t couldn’t have been on the trip at the first event. While the guests were delighted to finally be able to get their hands on the latest addition to FPS, Riot Games announced last night that the events had been canceled, and this, because of the epidemic of coronavirus which is currently raging everywhere in the world.

For the moment Riot Games has not given more information, if the event is simply canceled or if it is postponed to a later date. While Valorant must officially enter the gaming world for the summer of 2020, the first rumors currently circulating on the web make us think that the beta phase should take place within three weeks (the Reddit thread has since been deleted). In parallel, Riot Games has already put an end to the previous rumors which said that the Beta should start this week.

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