VALORANT: Skins on weapons and agents, what you need to know

VALORANT: Skins on weapons and agents, what you need to know

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We know that VALORANT will have a combat pass, but what will we have in it? For the moment, difficult to know …

After the first phase of tests by media and content creators, we know it. VALORANT, the future FPS of Riot Games will be provided with a combat pass. This feature allows players to follow its evolution by passing levels, while obtaining rewards at certain levels. For the moment, we don’t know what will officially be in the combat pass, but we can already imagine it!

As a reminder, VALORANT will be released this summer 2020. It is possible that a closed beta phase will take place before to allow some players to try the game.

What will VALORANT’s combat pass look like?

If we take the example of other Riot Games like League of Legends and by extension, TFT, it is a pass to buy. The price is not yet defined but it is very likely that we will have to buy it; logical since the game is otherwise completely free! In TFT or LoL, you have to carry out fairly simple missions like playing champion X or Y, finishing in the top Z, etc. These are not necessarily very fun challenges but allow players to have small quests to accomplish to have rewards.

In VALORANT, it is difficult to know what the publisher’s choice will be. Will more “fun” challenges like those in Fortnite be integrated or will it take different cards / agents to climb the ladder of the combat pass?

As for rewards, we can imagine icons for profiles but also skins for weapons. As explained on the Polygon site (source in English), Riot Games has planned to have skins for the different weapons of the game and plans to make them for agents. But for the agents, we will have to wait.

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