Valorant: Breach, the new agent and his skills

Valorant: Breach, the new agent and his skills

Breach is one of Valorant’s agents, the Riot Games FPS. This red giant is a specialist in assault and explosive charges. His role in the compositions is clearly to initiate an attack, take points, or disorient the enemy. Two of his abilities are particularly notable, wrapped around the walls, which implies that this character does not excessively like large spaces, which reduce their dangerousness and chances of success.

His skills

Equip you with a load of fusiu. Throw it through a wall to cause a slow explosion. The blast will deal significant damage to all enemies in the area.

Equip you with a blinding charge. Throw it to cause a quick blast through the wall. The charge explodes, blinding all players looking at it.

Equip you with a explosive smic. Hold the shot to increase the distance. Release to cause an earthquake that disorients all players in the zone in the vicinity of that zone.

It equips you with a smic charge. Shoot to send an earthquake that overcomes all obstacles in a wide kinetic area. The earthquake disorients and projects everyone it touches into the air.

Explanation of the gameplay of the character

Breach is an initiator, he is waiting for the hostilities to begin. His Fracture Line and South Wave can easily hit anywhere to place the bomb, disorienting enemies and making it easy for his allies to take easy kills. It is also used to hit players and champions with the Replica skill, forcing them to abandon their position. Finally, his Ignicius skill is capable of catching enemies by surprise, if successful, as it detonates almost instantly after appearing on the other side of the wall. However, it requires players to be highly synchronized to chain skills and attacks successfully.

Perhaps he is one of Valorant’s most offensive agents, and it will take a lot of skill to tap his full potential also on defense. With his abilities, he is very important in the corridors and closed places, forcing defenders to change their strategy if they do not want to be left unguarded. However, there is no doubt that his South Wave and his fracture line over a group of attackers can be devastating.

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