Valorant did not give out as many keys to the game as expected

Valorant did not give out as many keys to the game as expected

Probability is often cruel to us. We all want the lottery to happen to us, but it is very easy to die in a plane crash. We all want a key to be dropped in order to play Valorant, but it seems that it was much more difficult than we thought.

A few days ago we held on like a burning nail to a phrase fromAnna Donlon, Product Manager of Riot, who during a report in which she spoke of Valorant said Right now we are a small group. Family, friends and a small group that has started to know the game. We are very confident, but there is a huge difference between the 5,000 players that we are now, and the hundreds of thousands that we expect to receive during the closed betau00bb

Hundreds of thousands sounded very good and gave us hope of being within that group, but reality seems to have fallen like a pitcher of water on fans when reading what the CS: GO N0thing Professional published about the number of hits that were distributed.

BTW, theres gonna be 25k beta keys dropped on approved Twitch channels for @PlayVALORANT starting tonight at midnight my channel is one of them I ll be streaming some of my gameplay footage and talking about it, tune in and get lucky with a beta key ~

Jordan Gilbert (@ n0thing) April 2, 2020

It seems that the figure was much smaller than expected. So alone, 25,000 drops were handed out, which meant that if the figures of 2 million concurrent spectators were correct and were maintained during the event, we would have a 0.0125% chance of being able to play Valorant.

Given this, we only have to see with long teeth and some envy the streamings of the lucky ones to learn the dynamics of the game and wait for the summer, a date on which, if there are no delays, it seems that it will be at stake for everyone.

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