Valorant: Complete list of characters and abilities

Valorant: Complete list of characters and abilities

We take a closer look at the characters and abilities we can expect to see when Valorant falls this summer.

With Valorant slated to fall in some form in the summer of 2020, it will be important to know as much information as possible before that date. Below is our overview of the eight characters and their abilities.

For a full overview of some of the other features of Valorant, see our “What We Know So Far” article. Be sure to keep an eye on ESTNN as summer 2020 approaches with more information.

Some quick general information

While each Valorant character has a unique set of abilities and skills. Your weapon and some other cooldowns are not set, instead you will use a pre-turn purchase menu to purchase equipment for the next turn (as in CS: GO).

Each character will have the following :

     Two purchasable capacities: each character has access to two additional capacities which require loads bought in the store at the beginning of the turns. These will serve a purpose similar to grenades in CS: GO, provided you have an additional utility.

     The ultimate: each character has access to a unique and powerful ability. This is gained by killing or accomplishing goals similar to the way it works in Overwatch.

     A main capacity: this is your default capacity. It will always be available and free depending on the recharge time


Phoenix is an aggressive character who will excel at pushing head first in combat and using devastating fire abilities.

Hot Hands – Launch a fireball that explodes after a delay or upon impact with the ground. The fire zone damages enemies but will also heal you

     Blaze – Summons a wall of flame that blocks vision and damages anyone who passes through it. You can fold the wall when pouring.

     Signing Ability: Curveball – Launch a curved rocket that bursts into bright light after a short delay, temporarily blinding everyone.

     Ultimate ability: run it backwards – Mark your current location. If you die during the duration of this ability, or when the duration of this ability expires, you will be reborn in the marked place with full health.


Jett will use an agile fighting style. Its main objective is to overtake enemies and eliminate them with quick and precise ambushes.

Cloudburst – Throw a cloud of fog that obscures vision upon impact.
 Updraft – After a brief wind up, propel yourself up.

     Signing Ability: Tailwind – Immediately run a short distance in the direction in which you are moving.

     Ultimate: Blade Storm – Use multiple throwing knives that deal moderate damage and kill headshots. Getting a kill restores your daggers and you can choose to throw them one at a time or throw all of the remaining daggers in a close range burst.


Viper will use a range of toxic gases and screening effects to transform a battle. To do this, it will use a secondary resource called “fuel”.

Snakebite – Fires a projectile that explodes in a pool of damaging acid.
     Cloud of Poison – Throw out a gas emitter that you can reactivate to create a cloud of toxic fuel smoke. The transmitter can be picked up and discarded again after a short recharge time.

     Signing capacity: toxic screen – Deploy a long line of gas emitters that you can reactivate to create a large wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel.

     Ultimate: Viper’s Pit – Emit a huge toxic cloud over a large area that lasts as long as Viper stays inside the cloud. The enemies inside the cloud are highlighted on Viper.


Sova is your man with a bow and arrow. Its abilities will help you follow enemy movements and eliminate them with unforgiving precision.

Shock Bolt – Fires an explosive bolt that emits a pulse of damaging static energy upon impact.
     Owl Drone – Deploy a manageable drone that can fire a dart that will reveal enemies to the touch
     Signing capacity: Recon Bolt – Pulls a bolt that deploys a sonar transmitter. Sonar pings mark nearby enemies, causing them to appear.
     Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury – Shoots up to three deadly energy explosions that cross the entire map. Each enemy hit receives heavy damage and is marked.

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