Economy in Valorant – Elimination, round won, lost and more

Economy in Valorant – Elimination, round won, lost and more

In Valorant, players will need to spend in-game money to obtain weapons, abilities, and shields during rounds. But how much money will you reward for a round won or lost as well as an elimination? The youtuber Jack “jackfrags” Mason has the answers to all these questions!

The long-awaited FPS of Riot Games, Valorant began to be revealed on March 2 and since that day, players are looking for the slightest information on this future game.

Valorant will use an economic system which will be very similar to that of Counter-Strike.

How much money will you make with an elimination, a round won / lost in Valorant?

According to the jackfrags youtuber, players will earn money throughout a game which they can then spend on the purchase menu, which is summarized below:

     Elimination = $ 200.
     Round win = $ 3,000.
     Round lost = between $ 1,900 and $ 2,900.

The youtuber then explained how players will accumulate a loss bonus in the same way as CS: GO, with the loss of the first round providing the smallest financial reward ($ 1900), while the maximum loss bonus is simply 100 $ under the reward of the round won.

Unlike CS: GO, Valorant will only provide players with $ 200 per elimination, according to jackfrags. This will put more emphasis on the objectives in order to strengthen the team economy.

Another important information revealed by this youtubeur concerns the selection of the agent. Indeed, once you have selected an agent, you will be forced to play with him during the entire game.

We would like to point out that this information has not been officially confirmed by Riot Games and that changes may occur during the launch of the game or even during the beta version of the game.

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