Valorant, Haven map: Plant, positions and locations

Valorant, Haven map: Plant, positions and locations

We already have a first in-depth look at one of the two Valorant maps. Thanks to, we can start to warm up our engines by learning the key areas of the Haven map, all thanks to a plant that the medium has published in great detail. The plant has been made based on the images that we can see on the minimaps of the Valorant gameplay.

Although there is still no time for Valorant to reach the market (expected in the summer of 2020) this plant gives us access to study the fastest routes for defense and attack and the best positions to, for example, defend a location or a bomb. As you can see, the map has keywords such as Window, Yellow, Connector, etc. The types that we can see in a CS: GO or in a Call of Duty. So the creation of tactics is not going to differ too much with respect to those shooters.

We are going to study the map in depth to see how it is laid out and the options it can offer players.

Access the interactive map of

Analysis of the map

The first thing that probably catches your attention the most is that the map has three key locations, and not two as we are used to: A, B and C.

Position C

Accessible by a long corridor and the connector from the middle. The truth is that it is a highly easy area to monitor, since the long corridor is easy for a sniper (or should be) and the rest of the team can focus on connector, which is rather a kind of bottleneck for the one that the players pass in a limited way. On the other hand, the area seems to be the farthest from A and B, especially in terms of connection points, so it may be the best option to attack and control the area.

Position b

The heart of the map. Point B can mainly fall down the Ramp and down the Alley. If B falls into the hands of the attackers, they can cut C’s retreat, and they just have to protect themselves from what could happen in A, their back is naturally protected during the time it takes players to move around the map.

Position A

Defenders will only have one point to cover, but with few protections and corners for tactical play. If the players manage to get point A through Yellow, it is more than evident that they will also have position B, so they can control the other front and side accesses of the pump, with the exception of of the ramp and the length.

The defending side in any of the three cases seems easier to rotate. But to know that we will have to wait to see how the players create strategies. We already know, from experience, that no matter how much the games are presented in a specific way, users can manage the maps and methodologies in their own way to change their structures.

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