Valorant to grow with more game modes after launch

Valorant to grow with more game modes after launch

Right now, Valorant is in the spotlight for all fans and lovers of first person shooter. The new tactical game from Riot Games is set to launch in the summer of 2020, with a possible beta before, however, we still have a lot to know about this kind of spiritual successor to CS: GO.

Although it is true that, to date, we have been able to see enough clips of the game, we have known its agents (the roster of champions that makes up the multiplayer) and even seen almost all the arsenal that seems to be available, now it seems that it also It has been confirmed that Valorant will not only have Deactivate mode (CS: GO’s classic bomb mode or Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy) but also add more modes after launch.

The information comes directly from the title developers. In a recent interview for IGN Nordic, Trevor Rolemski stated that he is completely open to exploring new modes after launch. For now we have this experience that we really want to create and make sure it’s the best it can be, continued Rolemski.

Former CS: GO player Brax joins T1 as content creator for Valorant

It is still a few months before Valorant officially arrives on the market (summer 2020). But some clubs are already preparing their chips for the launch of the new tactical FPS of those responsible for League of Legends.

For now, of course, we don’t know how they are treated. But it is clear that Valorant could bring, for example, modes such as Team Dueling or Domination, which are modes that work well for both casual modes and online competitions. Although, we believe, the primary mode for your competitive realm is to be Deactivate.

We will inform you when we have more information about it, but for the moment everything indicates that Riot Games is going to focus as much as possible on perfecting its bomb mode.

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