Valorant: It’s progression system will be very similar to that of League of Legends

Valorant: It’s progression system will be very similar to that of League of Legends

Valorant, the tactical FPS of Riot Games, will arrive in the summer of 2020, but we already have enough details about how the game works: the different agents that make up its multiplayer, the structure of some maps, the monetization system that will apply the Compa and even gameplay brushstrokes that have already been revealed.

Now, we also know, through an interview that Valorant esport conducted with the Riot Games team when they tested the title, that Valorant may have a progression system similar to that of League of Legends. Riot’s intention, it seems, is for each player to specialize in one type of agent to develop specific roles in the competitive arena. Thus, we will have challenges and missions to fulfill with each agent.

The more hours we dedicate to an agent, the more internal progression this will have (in addition to raising our general account level) and the more exclusive rewards we can get on it: such as skins, cosmetics, accessories, etc. League of Legends does a little the same with its champions, where we have statistics on each one depending on how much we use it.

In addition, we will also have a series of weekly or daily objectives to meet. To help us get more experience points and level up. We do not have any more specific details yet, but if so, it is clear that it is a clear look at the competitive system so that each player selects an agent type depending on the style they have. It is not so much like a Call of Duty, in which it does not matter which operator we select, and it goes more towards the tactical and the specialization of each user.

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