Is Valorant slated for release on PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch?

Is Valorant slated for release on PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch?

Announced early in the morning of Monday, March 2, Valorant, the brand new Riot Games game was revealed through several gameplay videos. The game is scheduled for summer 2020 on PC, but what about the PS4, PS5, Xbox or even Nintendo Switch versions?

It’s no longer a secret now, but the new game from Riot Games studios, Valorant, is an FPS that will make 10 players compete on 5-on-5 team cards. Currently the title is thought to be Free-to- play for a release in summer 2020 on PC, but is it a utopia to believe that Valorant could have a good potential and that one day it could arrive on home console or portable?

For the moment it has been confirmed by Riot Games that Valorant will be released on PC in the summer of 2020 with a beta phase to come some time before the official release of the title. But it is not foolish to ask the question of the potential that can have a fast FPS in team with a refined artistic direction and an optimal optimization thought for the performance of the players on the home consoles, in particular the PS4 and the Xbox One . Especially since the game seems to lend itself well to the use of a controller.

It is fashionable for game developers to extend the release of their games on different platforms as demonstrated by Epic Games with Fortnite and its crossplay or Blizzard with Overwatch, with in particular a release a few months ago. a Switch version. Note that Riot Games is already trying to port with first tests on its Legend of Runeterra and TFT games on mobile.

We strongly believe that it would be a clever move to be able to adapt a game of this caliber on different supports and thus reach an ever wider audience. When we see the number of sales recorded by Playstation with its PS4 (more than 100 million consoles sold in the world since its release) or Nintendo with the Switch (more than 40 million sales in the world), it is legitimate to imagine the positive impact that such a game could have on this type of market, especially since it is free-to-play.

Finally the main reason which leads us to believe that a console release can clearly be envisaged is that the year 2020 will be marked by the arrival of the new generation of console worn by the PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett at the end of the year. . A good implementation of a cross-platform system could boost the interest of players and the crowd that Valorant could experience.

We remind you, however, that nothing has been confirmed in this regard by Riot Games and that these are only hypotheses and assumptions on the part of players who would like a spread out on the consoles. We will keep you informed when information on the subject is relayed by the publisher.

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